GTband - Smart Bracelet with Alexa and Blood Oxygen Monitoring Function

Bracelet parameters:

Screen: 1.05" TFT=LCD

Interactive way: Full Touch

Screen cover: 2.5D High hardness glass

Wristband matertial: TPU

Bluetooth: BLE5.0

Waterproof: 5ATM

Alexa built Function:

You need to log in to your Amazon ID account first.

You can quickly get news, check the weather, Amazon shopping list by speak to Alexa.

Alexa controls smatt home devices:

Users are required to log in to the same Amazon ID account and ensure that the connected device must also support the alexa voice function.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring:

Generally peaking, the blood oxygen saturation value of a normal person is 90%-100%, and if it is below 9%, it means insufficient oxygen supply.

It is recommended that the following people insie on monitoring their blood oxygen concentration for a long time.

  • People with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, people with respiratory diseases.

  • Seniors over 60

  • Snorer people

  • Outdoor athletes, mountaineering enthusiasts and sportsmen

  • People who work more than 12 hours a day

  • Long-term alcoholics

GT Band has stress detection function. If you rind that your stress is too high, you could turn on the breathing training function to help you find peace of mind.

Music Playback Control Function

It needs to be used with the music, app/software of the mobile phone. The smart bracelet GTBand supports playing or pausing music on, and switching previous or next song.

GT Band hardware product information:

  • Mcu: Nordic NRF52840

  • PPG heart rate sensor

  • Three axis sensor

  • Rotor motor

  • 110mAh lithium polymer battery

Support multiple dial settings, including wallpaper dial and cloud dial.